Pipe Tools

Thermotech Pipe Cutting Equipment

Thermotech pipe cutting and beveling machine is perfect solution for on-site machining of pipes, regardless of material and pipe thickness. Split-frame type pipe cutting machine is suitable especially for inline pipes in oil&gas and power industry.

Axxair – Pipe cutting, bevelling and orbital welding

Axxair equipment is ideal choice for thin walled pipes in process, pharmaceutical and food & beverage industry. With the help of Axxair machines, the quality of the pipework is excellent and constant.

Exact Pipe saws

Easy to carry, powerful and fast pipe saws and bevelers from Exact tools are excellent choice for any job-site with pipes.

Pipe Welding Tools

Thermotech sells range of pipe stands, centering clamps and other tools required in the prefabrication.

On-site Machining Tools

Thermotech produces high quality on-site machining equipment for various in-site machining tasks

Portable Drill

Thermotech Portable drill offers heavy duty drilling, boring and stud removal. Being fully pneumatic, it is perfect for working in areas where ignition sources are not allowed.

Milling Machine

Thermotech Milling Machine is extremely light weight and pneumatically powered 3-axis milling machine for light machining.

Manual Facer

Thermotech Manual Facer is a versatile manual flange facing tool for resurfacing flanges on-site.

Line Borer

Thermotech Line Boring machine is a portable machine for concentric bore repair on-site.


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