LW Cold Cutter

Thermotech LW cold cutter is a pipe cutting and beveling machine developed to be strong and rigid, yet lightweight and fast to set up. Machine has a split frame design that makes it is easy to mount on endless pipes. Cutting can be done “cold” so that there is no heat affected zone while using a pneumatic motor.

Thermotech LW CC range of clamshell pipe cold cutting and beveling machines are designed for – and tried & proven – on demanding jobs on the Norwegian oil pipes. Ranging from 2” diameter pipes up to 48”, with any wall thickness, our machines can handle even the hardest pipes.


OD ID Weight Ø (mm.)
(mm) (mm) (kg) Min. Max.
LW 3-6 319 182 23  54 170
LW 4-8 366 232 24 74 222
LW 5-10 420 286 28 102 276
LW 6-12 470 340 31 131 327
LW 8-14 496 368 35 182 358
LW 10-16 550 421 37 234 409
LW 12-18 604 470 42 283 460
LW 14-20 655 525 44 314 511
LW 18-24 759 624 54 417 612
LW 24-30 920 775 70 574 765
LW 30-36 1068 928 78 725 918
LW 36-43 1250 1105 93 883 1095
LW 40-48 1420 1245 138 989 1235

For bigger sizes, do not hesitate to contact us! 




Thermotech LW Cold Cutter can be supplied either with pneumatic, hydraulic or electric drive. All motors are designed to power the machine efficiently, smoothly and with high torque.

Pneumatic Drive

Thermotech machines are equipped with world leading air motors. They are powerful and extremely reliable and are an excellent solution for powering a cold cutting machine.

LW CC models up to LW5-10 are equipped with 1.7kW motors as a standard. Bigger LW’s have 3kW air motor.



Hydraulic Drive

Hydraulic motors provide the most powerful and constant drive for the machines.

Hydraulic motors supplied with the LW CCs have 8kW power.



Electric Drive

Powered with strong 1.8kW electric motor, Thermotech Electric Drive offers the utmost flexibility by requiring only standard 230v power.




Standard Equipment

Toolslides hold and feed the tool in while the machine is working. They are made for both cutting and beveling and are made to be durable, extremely reliable and are quickly adjustable.

Standard range includes four feed lengths; 10mm, 35mm, 60mm and 100mm.



Thermotech machines are shipped with all the equipment you need for using the machine; you only need to provide the power source.

Convenient hand tool set has all required tooling needed for operating the machine. Including one set of cutting tools.



Thermotech machines are delivered in durable and extremely light weight aluminum cases, which make the storing and transport of the machines not only comfortable and safe, but also easy on the eye!




Wide range of additional equipment is also available, click HERE for more info!

See the cold cutter in use;