Additional Equipment

Often Thermotech LW Cold Cutter is used in challenging environments, where complicated machining operations must be executed. To support the operators, we have developed wide range of accessories for the machine that make even most complicated tasks possible.

ID machining
Thermotech Counterbore module TCB is designed for counterboring holes, or machining the inside surface of a pipe. It makes it easy to cut the pipe and create required weld profile also to the inside surface, with the same set up. Standard versions of TCB have feed lengths of 90mm and 200mm. It can be adjusted to angles from 0 to 25 degrees.


OD Machining
External Turning Module ETM is useful for machining outside surface of the pipe. For example removing coating or welding. ETM has feed of 200mm.


Flange Facing Bridge
For machining the surface of a flange or end of a thick pipe, Thermotech Flange Facing Bridge is quick and easy to use add on. Light weight and modular design uses the TCB module for the axial feed. It is quick to mount on top of the standard toolslide.


Deck Cutting Kit
Cutting large holes thru a decking on a platform or a vessel can be a challenging task. Thermotech Deck Cutting Kit offers solution for this task.Using magnets for clamping the machine to the steel deck makes it possible to cut a hole without damaging the surrounding area.


Inside-Out Cutting Kit
Thermotech Inside-Out Cutting Kit is an extension kit to LW Cold Cutter for cutting pipes or tanks from inside out. It contains set of extension legs that hold the machine securely in place on the inner diameter of the pipe, without leaving any marks or scratches. Feed bracket is mounted on the inner diameter of the LW CC machine. It can be used with all LW-sizes.


Springloaded Toolslide

Thermotech Springloaded Toolslide LWS is perfect for machining out of round pipes. Especially suitable for pipes with thin wall it makes the bevelling of oval pipes easy and accurate.

Extended Toolslide
Thermotech Extended Tool slide LWX is created for cases where there is a need to cut a pipe very close to a flange but there is no space to mount the machine directly on the pipe. Extended Tool slide provides the extra reach required making it possible to mount the LW CC on the flange and cut the pipe.


Low Profile Toolslide
Using the Low profile Toolside it is possible to cut a pipe with extremely low axial space requirement when flange or other obstacles make it impossible to use the standard toolslides.



Gear Options

Adjustable Right Angle Gear

This gear offers the utmost flexibility for confined spaces. Motor is mounted to 90degree angle and the gear allows the motor to be turned freely to any angle possible. Gear fits to both pneumatic and hydraulic motors.

Front Gear

Thermotech Front Gear makes it possible to mount the motor facing the opposite direction. All standard Thermotech gears fit directly on to the front gear, so it is not required to dismantle the drive assembly.