Manual Facer

Thermotech Manual Facer is a versatile hand powered solution for facing flanges.


It is easily portable weighing only 5kg so it can be easily taken to worksites. Optimal solution for jobs that do not have power source available. With Thermotech Manual Facer it is extremely fast to machine small flanges.

Large clamping range makes it possible to machine wide range of flanges with just one machine.

Thermotech Manual Facer can make all typically needed surface finishes; stock, phonographic or smooth finish. Surface finish depends on the selected facing tool and feed screw.



Technical Data

Weight 4.9kg
 Clamping Range Min ID 24.5mm
Max ID 162mm
Machinable area Min D25.5 mm
Max D420mmContinuous travel of toolholder: ~80mm
Kit includes Thermotech Manual Facer
Carry case
Hand tools
Clamping leg set of entire range
Feed set for fine machining
Feed set for coarse machining