Thermotech Baltic – Tools for pipe cutting and on-site machining

Thermotech offers high quality tools, equipment and service for pipe cutting & beveling and for on-site machining (drilling, line-boring, milling and flange facing).

We develop and produce portable on-site equipment that is light weight, yet durable and fast to use.

We sale and rent out products and develop customized solutions to meet the individual demands of the customer. To serve our customers the best way possible, we have in-house production unit that is rapidly developing, flexible and features wide range of manufacturing possibilities.

In the Baltic countries we are  authorized representatives of Axxair orbital cutting and welding equipment and Exact pipe saws.

Additionally we offer our workshop subcontracting services (milling, turning, cutting, grinding, assembly)

We belong to Norwegian Thermotech AS Group, that is owned by the Swedish Indutrade AB, that is listed on the Nasdaq OMX Stockholm.

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