Axxair Pipe Cutters and Orbital Welding

Orbital Cutting,
Models CC81-CC1100

An extremely easy to use pipe-cutting machine that cuts pipes effortlessly without tube deformation (concentric multi-contact clamping), ideal for thin-wall stainless tubes and pipes. Excellent cut finish quality (perpendicularity < 0.25 mm) and a good cut surface quality (limited burring). Three easily changeable motor options. Size range 5 mm–1100 mm with 11 models.

Orbital Beveling,
Models GA121-GA321

The AXXAIR Orbital Bevelers complete the bevel in one rotation, without harmful vibrations, thanks to special AXXAIR carbide inserts. Operation, settings, and beveling are simple and fast. The diameter range of each machine is very large and does not require individual jaws.

Prefab Welding,
Models SP121-SP321E

Welding is done by attaching the pipe to the machine and the welding head rotates around the pipe. Even long pipes can be welded without deformation.

Features a mechanical profile-tracking device. Available in an air-cooled version (A) or a water-cooled version (E). Uses industry-standard parts with simple and easy-to-use mechanics: ideal for those taking their first steps in the world of orbital welding.
The AXXAIR SASL power-sources allow a simplified use and handling. Requires only a few hours of training.

Inline welding
AXXAIR also develops and manufactures orbital line weld machines for tubes: orbital welding machines with open or closed heads.
We also offer plate welds, intended essentially for heat exchangers

Models with open head SATO-80M – SATO220M for pipe sizes 10 mm – 220 mm, wall thickness 1-3 mm

Models with closed head SATF-40ND – SATF115ND for pipe sizes 6 mm – 115 mm, wall thickness 0,9-3 mm.

Tube-to-tube-sheet welding

  • Rotating joint for gas, current and cooling
  • Water-cooled tilt head
  • Carriage for head and wire adjustment
  • Integrated rotating wire feeder (Ø 0.8 mm)
  • Wire feed speed from 0 to 1.5 m/min
  • Power factor: 200 A, 100%


TIG Power Sources
TIG Orbital, 200A, autoline 110V to 230V, 110A at 100% duty cycle : water cooled.

  • Latest generation orbital inverter easier to operate with full Data acquisition including the machine and purge gas real flow levels.
  • Touch screen interface for an easy use and simple programming through auto calculation based on diameter, thickness, material and head type.
  • Digital Control of two gases for purging and welding with programmable safety levels. The real flows are saved every second in the data acquisition.
  • PPM measuring can be plugged in controlling an oxygen level under which the weld will be started : insures the right coloration level.
  • Manual welding Torch can be used for tacking or small TIG welding applications
  • Printing of program and real parameters. Personal set up available.
  • Data acquisition every second on all welding parameters and presentation under WPT form through the included “Weldreport” software.
  • Saves 200 programs per USB stick and also allows software updates for an easy maintenance.
  • Standard version compatible with heads from other brands, such as AMI and Polysoude.
  • Cooling unit 700W capacity is powered by the SAXX and includes a flow survey with alarm level. (easy fit)

Squaring Machines

  • Burr-free tube squaring machine
  • Accurate manual advance (0.1 mm steps)
  • Quick blade adjustment, no disassembly required
  • Light and compact:.
  • Removable support foot
  • 30° and 45° outside bevel possible with optional tool holder.
  • Squaring and beveling in one operation
  • QuiXS: Lets you change the head or fit a chuck in just a few seconds.
  • Jaw opens wide for easy positioning of tube.
  • Tool adjusted to the diameter of tube to be machined in just a few seconds